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New to community and have a question about what I read on site page

Hello! I'm new to the community. I've always been interested in highways, including, but not limited to, America's Interstates.

I've a question about something I read on the site's main page. It is this:

+How can cities benefit from demolishing, preventing, or minimizing the effects of highways? Examples include Milwaukee, San Francisco, Boston, and Portland, OR.

What does this mean? How is Milwaukee an example (as I'm from eastern Wisconsin)?

Any help would be much appreciated!

-Jason :)
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Well, one benefit is that it allows pedestrians to get around more easily, which means fewer people need cars, which means there is less pollution. I am mainly familiar with Boston and the Big Dig, but I assume the highway projects in other cities have the same benefit.

BTW, in the very near future (if it hasn't already happened), for the first time ever, all the Big Dig tunnels are going to be open to the public at the same time. The end is in sight, which is weird, since it's literally been going on for my entire life (I'm 24).
demolishing, not at all.. rerouting, moving them underground, other things, might help, but otherwise, the highways are vital to a city. demolishing them could restrict certain kinds of nessessary travel. they do not impede pedestrian traffic since that is normally short distance. most of the time interestate travel crosses the city. i know i travel 80 miles a day over dallas interstates, i would never make my schedule if they were not avialble